DUBAI – The most tech-advanced car in its category will bring science and technology together to offer life maximizers what they love the most: personalization.

It's distinctive, different and unique for everyone – the human body's DNA. Nissan Middle East have taken the scientific approach to help customers choose their true Nissan Altima Bio-Color by selecting and analyzing 15 variants that are tested relating to two genetic markers: night vision, sensitivity to contrast and ability to see in lower light; and color vision, a predisposition to color vision / color blindness.

The genetic information is then plotted to a gene color map, and translated into a unique color, a color selected directly from the customer's inner self.

Participation is simple

Customers can take part in the campaign, which is only open to the United Arab Emirates, by first booking a test drive in the all-new 2019 Altima, and upon completion, they are given a free DNA test kit. Once the test is complete and their Altima Bio-Color is revealed, customers can either purchase the foil and have their vehicle wrapped or can select the closest color from the available vehicles in the showroom. The first customer to partake in the campaign from each Dubai and Abu Dhabi dealership will have their vehicle wrapped in their Altima Bio-Color for free.

The Nissan Altima plays a key role in the region, being one of the most important nameplates. With over 27,000 units of the previous, fifth generation of the Nissan Altima sold across the region over the last five years, and the Altima accounts for 10% of sales in the Gulf, just goes to show the popularity in the segment.

Though the market is in favor of SUVs and Crossovers, the Nissan Altima still breaks way by being one of the most recognized nameplates, only second to the Patrol.


Tarek ElMoukachar
Nissan Middle East Internal Communications

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