A female employee pausing in front of a Nissan SUV with a trophy.

Patrol 2020 wins “Best Large SUV”, award received by a female leader

Nissan highlights its commitment to diversity by being the only automotive company to have a female leader at the event

Nissan Saudi Arabia has won an award for "Best Large SUV" for the Patrol 2020 at the 8th National Auto Awards 2020 hosted virtually on December 28th by PR Arabia.

The Nissan Patrol 2020 is the pride of Nissan in Saudi Arabia as well as the Middle East, and it has always been a Nissan favorite among customers in the region. It satisfies all their needs from comfort, style, and luxury to performance, safety, and durability. This award is testament to the admiration and loyalty among Saudi consumers for the 2020 Nissan Patrol, among all the other SUV offerings from automotive brands in KSA.

What makes this award even more significant is that Nissan Saudi Arabia was the only automotive brand at the awards that had a female general manager of corporate communication, Hatoon Bushnaq, accept the award. This in itself is an achievement for NKSA as it clearly shows the diversity and female empowerment that are core beliefs for Nissan in Saudi Arabia. NKSA values the natural leadership capabilities of their female employees and is committed to empowering them in their career progression to leadership positions in the company, as it is a key contributor to advancing the company's business and ensuring its growth. Being the only automotive company to have a female leader at the awards highlights NKSA as a contemporary brand within the Kingdom that prioritizes diversity.

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