• Expertise: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Financial Management, Sales, Marketing, Business Transformation, driving sustainable business growth and people development.
  • Locations: Dubai, UAE
  • Languages spoken: Arabic, English and French
  • DOB: October 1974

Who is Thierry Sabbagh?
Thierry Sabbagh is the Managing Director of Nissan Middle East. He is a well-known name in the regional automotive industry, with a demonstrated 20-year career in generating growth and driving enterprise performance across large multinational automotive brands.

Thierry joined Nissan in 2018 and is currently leading a region of more than 8 markets and local distributors, alongside a diverse team of close to 150 Nissan Employees. Building on a Nissan heritage of 70 years in the Gulf and wider Middle East, Thierry is driving the company's culture and brand, as it continues to grow thanks to a strong vehicle line-up spearheaded by the iconic Patrol.

Career History
Thierry brings a wealth of experience in managing business operations and driving efficiencies. This is complemented by his authentic leadership approach to putting customers and people at the core of the growth strategies he delivers in one of Nissan's opportunity regions.

Thierry's experience in the automotive industry has spanned across leading European, American and Asian automotive brands. This has provided him with a well-rounded technical and strategic perspective – having lead sales, marketing, planning and business development operations across the Gulf, Levant and North Africa markets.

Personal Memory
For Thierry, his fondest memory working at Nissan was visiting the Design Center in Japan, where he was able to have a first-hand glimpse at Nissan's innovation and line-up of future products, including the next-generation Patrol.

The iconic Patrol is what really took his heart, being the most awarded SUV, with over 26 awards and its long-standing heritage in the region. Thierry was thrilled to see the effort and investment Nissan continued to channel towards evolving the Patrol, which remains a significant icon for the Middle East.

Why is Nissan different?
Thierry looks at Nissan as more than a car manufacturer; for him, Nissan is a brand that is deeply rooted in the region – thanks to its authentic car nameplates that became a synonym to the local culture. Nissan's relationship with the Middle East goes back to the 1950s, when the first Nissan vehicles were delivered to Kuwait. Nissan has since been part of the heritage of the region, fostering long-standing partnerships with regional dealers, and growing Nissan into one of the most recognized and trusted brands.

Future Predictions
In line with the Nissan NEXT Transformation plan, Thierry predicts that Nissan will solidify its position as one of the biggest automotive players in the Middle East in the next few years. He also affirms that as the mobility landscape continues to evolve, Nissan will cement itself as a unique company that puts people at the centre of all that they do – from its corporate culture, to looking after employees, digitizing customer experiences and changing the way cars are launched.

Additionally, Thierry believes electrification and innovation will remain critical to the industry moving forward, as he works with local partners and enablers to set the foundation for bringing new technologies and EVs to the region.


  • Bachelor's in Business/Hotel Management in Marketing, University of West London (2019)
  • Executive Leadership Certification in Finance, Harvard Business School (2018)

In Thierry's Personal Time
In his personal time, Thierry's priority is his family. He is married and has two twin boys aged 15 years. He enjoys traveling, cycling, and walking. Lately, Thierry has also been trying his hand at Paddle Tennis.

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